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What Sellers WANT!

What is my property worth right now?

Here are several ways we can help you answer that question.

1. A PRIVATE PORTAL ACCOUNT helps you find the answer to that burning question on your own. Portals are MLS feeds supplying up to the minute information about the valuable, difficult to find SOLD data on nearby real estate transactions! The key to knowing what your property is worth is NOT your neighbor's asking price, it is the CLOSED price. I can create a custom portal for you.

provides a computer generated RANGE OF VALUES based on data from both listed and unlisted property sales. It makes that data available to you. It uses historical data provided by Census, MLS and Tax Records. It puts your home's data side by side with similar property that recently sold to help REFINE YOUR VALUE. It even provides an ESTIMATED NET TO THE SELLER. This program can only be accessed by professional Realtors, I can create a Report for you.

of your property is available through Kona Homes. Your home or condo is not a Cookie Cutter Copy of any other property, not even the one next door. Your home cannot be priced correctly by a “Cloud” computer program or “Algorithm” driven estimate. Nothing comes close to the price range provided after an in-depth study of your specific home in today’s local market, by an experienced agent. I have over 40 years of real estate experience, 20 in Kona I will use to refine your estimate.

Your Property Portal, Realtor Property Report and/or Personal Analysis
All free for the asking!

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