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The Survey Says Buyers want...

The National Association of Realtors Survey Found Buyers Want:

1. HELP FINDING THE "RIGHT" HOME! LOCATTION is still the primary concern. Today that also means "THE QUALITY OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD" must be right for you. We take time to understand YOUR HOUSING NEEDS AND DESIRES. We've spent years learning our neighborhoods and we preview new homes as they come on the market. When you are ready to buy, we help you cut through the listings to find JUST THE RIGHT HOME for you.

2. HELP DETERMINING WHAT SIMILAR HOMES SELL FOR: You can find the "SOLD PRICES" for homes on the web, but unless you've seen those homes and know the terms, you won't know how they compare. Local APPRAISERS OFTEN CALL US when they want to know how homes compare. Why not let us put the same knowledge to work for you?

3. HELP NEGOTIATING PRICE AND TERMS:  You will receive "Eight Tips for Framing a Real Estate Offer". Our agency has designed a contract with TERMS TO PROTECT YOU that will facilitate acceptance and closing. Our experience helps you anticipate how sellers are likely to respond to your offer and counters. During the entire process, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CHARGE..

4. HELP WITH THE PAPERWORK: We will shepherd you through what seems like a mountain of papers and will always make time to be sure ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED so you are comfortable before you proceed.

5. HELP DETERMINING WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD: Before we address HOW MUCH YOU CAN AFFORD, we like to discuss WHAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE PAYING. Using both we help you determined YOUR PRICE RANGE. 

6. HELP ARRANGING FINANCING: The right financing can make a huge difference in the payment amount. We will work with you to help FIND THE RIGHT LENDEER and THE RIGHT LOAN PROGRAM for you.

LET US HELP YOU BUILD A FRAMEWORK OF KNOWLEDGE so you can feel confident when you are ready to look at property.  DESCRIBE your dream home for me.  We will return a list of hand selected neighborhoods with  information about the current listings and recent sales.

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