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We Hold Hands!

Greg Larson RS 84134 & Shylene Larson RS 84139

No matter what real estate move you are about make, it's going to be both rewarding and difficult, particularly if you are relocating as well. At some point you are going to need someone to hold your hand through the difficult parts.

When Shy and I decided to embark upon a Real Estate Career we gave a lot of thought to our personal experience transitioning to the Big Island. We've always held hands and reassured each other. But when the going really got tough, it was a Realtor who walked us through a difficult transaction and helped us buy our home. Soon after closing we suffered a personal set back. Again it was our Realtor who held our hand and walked us through it.

We came to the realization that being a Realtor is more than just expertise and experience. A willingness to hold your hand and walk you through the difficult part is what separates the extraordinary agent from an average agent. We aspire to be extraordinary agents because WE HOLD HANDS!

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